Not in the mood: Here’s why you suddenly have a low libido

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So, you’ve been trying to piece the puzzle together as to why you haven’t really been in the mood for some D time with your man. You even ask yourself whether he’s the problem or you are. You’ve got it all going on for you in terms of thinking about sex, what you want to do with and to your man and how you want to do it. But, it’s like that’s just as far as it goes. Here’s why you’ve got no sex mojo goin’ on boo.

1. Lack of a connection with your man

Well, this is definitely the biggest cause of sexual desire. If you don’t feel your man on an emotional and physical level, then no matter how hard he tries to please you, you wont feel anything. So it’s time to give that man a boot in the hoot! and tell him he needs to go. If you don’t connect with your man, then he just ain’t the one for ya!

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2. Poor body image

Well, honey if you don’t love your body on the outside and inside, how will you ever enjoy having sex? If your man clearly loves you for you, then what’s stopping you from getting a little nasty in the sheets? If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious, this will instantly turn you off and ruin the whole “sex mood” going on between you and your partner.

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3. Fatigue

This is also one major cause of low sex drive. You’ve had a long day and you’ve got so much going on to the point where the only place you can have sex is in your head. So if you’ve been feeling a little out of it, then you’re probably just exhausted and you need some time off to regain your strength.

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4. Sexual pains

If you feel or experience pain during and after sex, this can just take your sex drive a million and one notches down to zero. Because at the back of your mind, you’re thinking that it’s just going to be and feel the same, and it’s something you don’t want to go through because it just makes you feel more pain than pleasure.

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5. Trust issues

If your man was unfaithful in the past or something traumatizing happened to ya’ll a while back, this can just cause you do not want to get at it with your boo. You may have completely lost trust in him to the point where sex is never an option or it’s a well-avoided conversation.

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So, if you’ve been experiencing a low sex drive, these may be some of the reasons as to why.


Perhaps it’s high time you did something about it or else, you’ll just keep losing interest and all that. You’re welcome!

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