KOT vehemently rally behind Huddah Monroe after Kamene Goro’s mouth ‘diarrhoea’

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The battle between Kamene Goro and Huddah Monroe is officially on and netizens have picked sides. The war started after a video of ex NRG Radio host Kamene Goro was taped saying Huddah has class three English and the only thing she does is hawk her ‘puddesh’ for her rich lifestyle.

Many have come after Kamene calling this a low blow on her part as a graduate with a law degree.  If you are unfamiliar with the leaked video, check it out below:

The video has rubbed the internet the wrong way and Kamene is on the receiving end of netizens’ full wrath. Who would have thought socialite Huddah Monroe has so many fans as many loyal fans have bashed Kamene in her defence.

Huddah who had almost nothing to say to the news except brand Kamene a peasant saying queens don’t get off their thrones to address peasants.

Check out KOT’s reactions below:









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