Kamene Goro savagely trolled for attacking Huddah Monroe

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Media personality Kamene Goro is deep in the trenches with lawsuits and bad press and the toll all of it is taking on her are slowly but surely starting to show on the surface.

The ex NRG Radio morning show presenter is said to have gotten poached by Kiss 100 but the move has been crippled with challenges all through. Now she is being sued by her previous employer and it must really be getting to her as the respected radio presenter is now letting her mouth run wild, throwing caution to the wind.

NRG's Radio host Kamene Goro

As if all the drama she is currently entangled in is not enough, the vocal radio siren was caught on tape bashing and slut-shaming socialite cum entrepreneur Huddah Monroe for her alleged source of wealth.

In a leaked video that is making rounds on social media, Kamene is seen in the company of Andy Kibe her co-host and a mystery cameraman. She is not shy when she uses profane words to describe what she imagines to be Huddah’s only profession.

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In the video, she compares Huddah’s English to that of a class three student, approximately 8 years old. To add on top of the abuse, she says that the only thing Huddah sells is ‘puddesh’ which is vagina/pussy in slang. She even refers to the transaction as p-coin, like cryptocurrency.

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

Her co-host only serves to hype her up but doesn’t really engage. Check out the video below;

This move has led netizens into thinking that Kamene must have something against the popular businesswoman as this isn’t Kamene’s first jab at her.

Earlier this year, Huddah came up with the slogan ‘Funga Duka’ and advocated for women to stop giving men any sexual favors or giving it up. As Huddah continued championing the agenda, Kamene was among the first to call her out on the supposed ‘hypocrisy’. According to Kamene it was unfair of Huddah to ask women not to give up sex when it was what made Huddah so successful in the first place.

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Through Insta-stories, Ms. Goro bashed Huddah, stating that she was pretending to have sworn off sex in a bid to teach philandering men a lesson.

So while I was away, I hear there was something called “Funga Duka” that was began, so Huddah Monroe has decided to go on a nationwide campaign telling ladies to Funga their duka to the boy child. Huddah is going to tell you that, that is her business. This babe has bought a car, house, built an enterprise from her duka, now she is the one going to tell you that, ati the campaign is called what? Huddah? That’s who you guys are listening to?” Said Kamene Goro.

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Kamene hasn’t made it easy on herself with this latest stunt as many of her fans have been shaken by her actions. Some have called her out for pointing fingers at Huddah when she herself has a huge clog in her own eye. By this, many referred to the time she revealed that she had slept with 27 men in her short 25 years on earth. No one truly knows what the number is now but the whole thing made many question her morals.

Huddah doesn’t just bark, her bite can be lethal, just like Akothee but the beauty has chosen to take the high road. On what can be termed as a response to Kamene, Huddah has taken to her Instagram to address the things Kamene said in the classiest way possible. She said,

A queen doesn’t get off her throne to address a peasant

The move has made her public enemy number one with many netizens bashing her seemingly jealous rant that was uncalled for. Check out reactions from Kenyans:

Evans Quria Jr. is she the same kamene who confessed on air the other day about being romboswaing by 27 d1cks ruffly by the age of 25 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Evans Mulangilu No wonder they are being sued by the immediate former employer….

Chuck Delly This is being petty. I like Kamene so much but on this she’s meddling on the life of Huddah. Everyone has their hustle! She should leave Huddah alone.

Chao Charles Charlie The last steps of becoming a full blown witch

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Vickyy Vicky I always always asked myself who hangs out with this Kibe guy 😩 now i know uff

Hope Its a “P” coin like it has some pudesh stamped on it. A girl got to pay her bills yooh!

Tony Smojo Almeida Has Huddah borrowed anyone’s “pudesh ” when she is “working “to buy her Range Rover or house in Kile?

Swara Hizi.

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Lorraine Benson La-croy But why are people getting worked up? They are both getting money working differently 🤷🤷🤷🤷. Just that the offices are different, and money comes in differently.

Actress Olivia Cheruto This is how jealous pple feel when they know u are successful ….my friends ama ata ni enemies find what to do si kuongelea watu

Kate Karina Well a lady who thinks a fella lady doing well is into pussy business is a low thinker.. gal you got your own who stopped you from selling it if it can change your life.. 😂 I mean at least you will have something meaningful out of it rather than sitting on it while gossiping 🤪

Jared Ombongi There is Huddah compare and contrast 🤗👀 😂she got class and swagger so keep hating 🤗

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Jenipher Achieng Nation Media dropped people like akina Sanaipei Tande to employ such people who literally hates on people 24/7,kwanza this kibe guy I don’t understand how people stands his mannerisms and verbal diarrhoea

Jann Uria Murathime Issa Last step into becoming a fully fledged witch.. #jelousy, kindly note I am not a Huddah fan but I let people be, who made people judges?

Coolkid Abbas 😂😂same folks. Same tricks of selling pudesh.

Precious Christine I better have poor English with brain look who is talking braids za 150 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 She lives in a bed sitter while huddah travels around the world 🗺 mafi ya kuku 🚱

Cathrah Shalxa Huddah with her class three English is 10times richer than this stupid hoe,enda salon kwanza utoe iyo sisal inakaa ya 9months

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Felix M Mogoa Sometimes we just need to thank developers of filter apps. Is this the Kamene Goro I have been dying for without a filter? Why are girls poisonous when it comes to their fellow girls.? Haki sio mimi naongea, nimetumwa na Mc Flex .

Changwony Chavez It is uncalled for to talk badly of a fellow woman…Huddah is still bae and by the way Kamene you said your body count is 20…kwani unapeana bure?

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Belinda Nyawira Na kwanini anacheka kama Malaya end month….lubbish

Emmah Asoma Hata sijamaliza kuwatch io kitu…kwanza hizo ni nini huyo dem ameeka kwa nywele?kwani alimaliza class eight last year? She’s busy talking about other women na yeye mwenyewe anakaa shosho…mimi hata nipewe chance leo, I always dream to be either huddah or vera sidika..

Qui Wan Wewe na hiyo body count yote umepata nini…nkt..always hating on another woman coz she’s doing better than you.let Huddah be we love her just the way she is.we are in no position to judge anyone.

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Wachira Jackson Can she remind us about her body count again…jeeez you may even find that huddah’s count is less

Qui Ess Damn!..she is so bitter!..who hurt you woman?😆.Anyway continue laying eggs with yours

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Tabitha Mbithe Gitau Hii taka taka ata cwezi waste one second of my time listening to his shitty talk🙄🙄🙄ghasia

Layla Johns She tries so much to be a man.
Grow some balls or rather a cock🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Tukutane Chamaa Look WHO is ratting ako mpaka na mashillingi kwa kichwa 😅😇😇😅🤣🤣Need sigiriri dawa ya mende herbals 😂 pudesh yake 27 dk kwenye beat pliz
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Pepe Noel Yogo Why do people still think “good English” translates to good life? Ati class 3 English. Anyway maisha ni kujipanga sio kingereza mingi. Plus ukiskia dem akiongelea mwingine ati so and so is just rich coz she’s selling her pussy, hiyo ni wivu tu ju yake akiuza pengine anaezanunua tu miwa au avocado. Pussy is an asset. Endelea kutumia yako kukojoa tu na wenzako wanajenga nazo magorofa. Wivu tupu.

Mtukufu Rais Haaaiyah na pussypreneur ni wengi huku 😂😂😂yaani hii kitu imewawasha sana! Nimeshangaa 😂

Esther Bebe Haiya!! Kumbe na camera bila filters anakaa hivi ka sura ya DJ shiti na nywele inakaa 5 years old…if you see a girl talking trash kwa dem mwenzake the chick is dying to be like her,any way acha nimalize kula mutura

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Sophy Kikenye Huyu n team kunuka nunu hizo kucha ana osha vipi pussy🙄🙄🙄

Njoki Mwangi Hii jimama kinaongongelea nini, sura ni ya mbuzi kicheko ni ya Malaya na darugo zingine hapo hazieleweki they only thinks they are always the best, idiots.

Manoah Akhasiani Khetswoni Kumbe Kamene anakuanga ugly ivi? Hizo makucha zinakaa Chimpanzee. Na ka anadhani kuuza pudesh or whatever ni mchezo, mbona yeye hana Range Rover na keja kwa leafy surburbs? As for love… somebody must have lied to him that he’s the shit that stinks…indeed, local man is bemused.

Tatu King Sasaka Jealous detected
Huddah’s statues is hi above this woman acha wivu

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Ndambuki Patrick Kilonzo But women Aki wivu inakuaga ya nini si hata wewe uko na Punnany si uuze Aki I wish ungejaribu kwa Boss lady Akotheee ungetambua

Mwas D Jenny Pudesh yake imemnunulia Range na apartment yako na wewe sio Vagoo Kamene Ngoro imekununulia nini?don’t be a hater just because someone knows how to use their punani the right way.

John Soita Irene Kamene Wangoro leave Huddah alone! Si uko na Nini yako? Si ukauze, ama bei ilishuka! Kwenda uko na matuta yako! Jelosi will kill u

Peter Pinchez Kamene before we talk about huddah kindly explain to me how do u wipe ur ass?!🤔
Peter Nthigah This is how people become witches, why get bothered by other people dealings, whether they sell their pussies or not maybe yours can fetch enough so stick to what you do and shut up
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Shanty Pinky Who is Kibe? Who is Kamene? I only know Hudda cz shez rich… Hawa wengine hatusaidiani afadhali niokote scrap metal.
Eugine Kay Kayleen Huyu msichana anajua Huddah ama anamsikianga tu…. Kesho ni siku😅😅
Ian Chuchu Wale mnazua juu ya pudesh Ulizeni prrezzo he is familiar with both
Samtash Gitau Mimo Kuna watu watakufa siku moja wakifanywa postmoterm wapatikane ni wivu iliwaua🤦‍♂️
Wambui Wangui Kuna kuma ya hiki kamene imepotea….woman who hurt you??? Some women though smh!!

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