When your first Kenyan date goes so wrong that it’s a funny experience altogether

date fails

A lot of single people will so get this struggle because they’re the ones who go on a lot more dates than those who are in relationships. Even if you’ve had a bad first date experience, I’m sure some of these will reassure you.

1.When the waiter/waitress tells you that you’re the third one he’s brought that week
excuses not to make for a man
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2. When the person you’re on a date with says you have to go dutch (split 50/50) (Kenyan men can be so ill-mannered).
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3. If he does pay for everything that you’re having, he tells you that it’s okay and you can pay him back later. Pause, rewind, WHAT???
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4. When he’s soooo far from what you saw on his WhatsApp profile pic- really now?
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5. As you’re talking you realize that he’s the grandson to your mother’s cousin’s mother. Sigh. 
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6. He has the nerve to bring a third wheel to your date
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7. When he hits you with the ‘tutoke hapa twende kwangu’ line. Ummm, calm your tits brathe
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8. Horrible bad breath or body odour; you’re there wondering why the person couldn’t at least make an effort to up his hygiene game this once.
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There are those awkward situations where you like someone but that first date ruins everything. Do you have any of those? Please tell us in the comment section.

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