#WeAreTired: The annoying kinds of Kenyan baby daddies you’ll encounter as a mother

Let’s admit it, we have too many deadbeat baby daddies in Kenya.

Having a child with someone is a really big deal. By the time you decide to keep a child with someone, it means you have some sort of connection, expectations and standards. Unfortunately, we have too many unhappy women who are suffering because of their baby daddies. You could either be in a relationship with this man or on the other hand, you may just be co-parenting but it’s probably super stressful. Dear deadbeat fathers, please read this article and style up.

1. The ones who never pay for anything

He can be there playing with his kids but he never provides financially. He wants to take credit for his kid’s success but he is never there to pay the bills which is super frustrating. He has excuses for not being able to provide because apparently his business has not picked up yet but he still has the nerve to keep going out to drink.

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2. The social media dads who are never actually there

He will always post photos of his kids but he is never actually around his children. He writes things about his babies so we all think that he is a super loving father but he spends most of his time in a bar or with his boys but he is never there for their kids.

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3. The types who are never there but send money

Yes, he will provide financially but he is not there for his children emotionally. He doesn’t like being told about his lack of presence because he sends money but being there for your children is also important.

 baby daddy
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4. The ones who keep cheating on their baby mama’s

These ones are with their baby mama’s but they give them a hard time. Right after you give birth they end up being total douches who disrespect you and cheat on you. They do what they want and never care about their baby mama’s they can be good fathers but only because you have to keep pestering them.

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5. The ones who actually go MIA and disappear

They are simply not there and they are the reason many mothers are single. They are living their best lives knowing that they have kids somewhere that they never mention or even know how they are.

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6. The ones with too many baby mama’s

One too many perhaps? Having different baby mam’s even if you can take care of them is not a fancy reputation to have. It is much better to stick to one baby mama and at the very most if you have two then please stop there.

make him respect you
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Dear deadbeat dad’s if you’re reading this please know that we are tired of you. We are trying to raise a better generation and a bit more help from you would be great. Stop being a sperm donor and actually take care of your kids.

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