Are you just a foodie or a full on addict?

In this era of #foodie generation the fine line between addiction and food appreciation seems to pass us by. Most of us aren’t taking in food stuffs for nourishment anymore. It’s more than that but where it gets really bad is when you get addicted to food. Statistics also show that stress eating is among the top causes for unhealthy living. So how do you know that you are addicted? Certain behavior that you portray around food can be very important when it comes to diagnosing yourself for food addiction.

Here are signs you are addicted to food:
1.You feel hungry even when you are full

In this case we might not term it as hunger really but as a craving. For example a situation where you’ve already taken a full dietary meal of good portion, you still feel like eating more. This feeling comes from a part in your brain that makes you want more even when you don’t need it. Most people get this but the point where it gets worrisome is when it happens often and you have a major problem controlling yourself.

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2.You are a victim of binge eating

This is where you eat so much till you feel more than full. Initially you’d already felt satisfied but you still continued eating till you become stuffed. The problem comes in if you don’t know how to control yourself when you start feeling like you are going overboard.

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3.You feel guilty afterwards but still end up overeating again

As much as you try to control your insatiable cravings,and also as much as you end up feeling guilty and deciding not to indulge,if you still end up in the same position you need help. Once your body and brain tell you that it is wrong and you still don’t manage to overcome the hunger to eat more you need to realize you are addicted and seek out ways to help you.

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Other signs are if you start hiding when you eat so that people can not point out your addiction.

If you tend to make excuses for your eating habits you need to wake up and realize that you are battling with food addiction. There are many ways to curb it but you’ll need to be committed.

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