Apparently Kenyan men get turned on easily by these normal things women do

Kenyan men share the things you do that make him want to pin you against the wall.

So there is the obvious sexy but then there are the things you don’t even realize in his eyes turn him on. I asked Kenyan men around to share what makes us women sexy and gets their mind going in circles with things they would love to do to us.

Here are 15 things that they say turns them on unbeknown to us:

1. Confidence

When we exude in confidence and grab their attention unknowingly when we walk in a room or when we confidently rock outfits that bring out our shape.

*Kamau, 44

There is this woman in the office that every time she walks in all of us men will find ourselves staring. What makes her even more sexy is how unaware she is of her beauty.

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2. Wit, tongue & cheek

When we can take their jokes and dish out some cheeky comebacks, is forever a turn on. This apparently sends the message we don’t take ourselves too seriously.



3. Her mind and intelligence

A woman who is so engaging in conversation that when with her we both lose track of time.

*Lexx, 31

At some point when I am with my girl talking in the living room, she will be telling me something interesting but at that point all I want to do is grab and kiss her when she least expects it and well the rest is history, wink wink.



4. Ambition, drive, and goals

A woman who has her goals set, she is ambitious and her drive to matches his own will have him planning his future with you in it.

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5. Assertive and at times fake angry

When a woman says no firmly but we are fake angry because our smile takes our seriousness away and this often happens when the man is cheekily trying to get away with doing something

* Peter, 24

So there was this girl I was dating sometime back and I began to realize that it was a real turn on when she would say to no to when I cheekily wanted to get away with something. So I found myself pushing her kidogo, much to her annoyance but it gave me pleasure to see her taking control, kwanza when her voice changed, heeh your making me want to call her now lol!



6. When she rocks my clothes

This is something most men mentioned,  I guess when in his house get in the habit of sleeping in his t-shirt or rock his hoodie seen as the cold nights are looking like they’re here to stay.

*Kioko, 33

I have been married for five years so I am used to seeing my wife in her good and bad days but to this day I love it when she occasionally wears my tee when around the house.

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7. Unexpected common interest

This is was interesting but I thought worth mentioning, so when you have an unexpectedly common interest in either the same musician, series or something as random as things you might do for fun that others don’t get. This will add to you being even more attractive and throws away any pre-conceived notions of what you might be like or even like. So clearly the message here is don’t be afraid to be yourself he might like you more than you even anticipate.

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8. Changes it up

When we change our hair every so often and even style, keeps them guessing and always interested.

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9. Dirty talk

When we openly say what we would want to do to them and confidently sharing their desire to get physical just as much as they do.

*Brian, 37

When I knew my wife was the one is when she would never shy away from playfully telling me what she would do to me. It was so daring and with the women I had dated before this was new to me, I was used to being the one being forward about all things physical. So She really got me when she confidentenly told me severally what she would do to me from text messages to occasionally when we are out, it became apparent daring was sexy to me and her daring attitude really challenged me to go for things. So I was not about to let her go and I wanted her with me in this journey called life.



10. Selfless

When we can put our feelings aside every so often for the good of the relationship.

*Lonina, 27

There comes a time in the relationship where you have to compromise and put your feelings aside if it will mean pleasing your partner however you lose out more by doing so. Any woman who can at times appreciate that my choice means a lot to me and is willing to be suppportive of it even though she doesn’t understand it, this is for sure the type of woman who will have me beyond hello.

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11. Smile and morning voice

When we wake up and our hair is all over the place and we turn around finding his awake so we say good morning. That cheeky smiley we have in the morning will have him pulling you close for morning glory.



12. Classy

A woman who is decent and keeps it classy will occasionally make a long dress sexy with her curves or does not smoke nor drink beers.



13. Stretch Marks and Tummy

Surprisingly so, but I guess this is when you most authentic because its the side of the world most won’t see.

*John, 35

I like my women thick because when we go out they will not be afraid to dig in, they can do both a date at the local and at Sankara. Her stretch marks and tummy just defines love handles for me and all I want to do is cuddle.

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14. Wiggling her bum

This was mentioned as one of the most popular parts of the body that makes a woman sexy but not because of the shape but what they see beyond it.

*Lenny, 25

So when my girl is excited with some great news she will jump and down with excitement and she often thinks I am over excited with her of which I am but a percentage of it is because how her bum wiggles.

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15. How she says my name

So apparently ladies there is a way we say their name, even if you have an accent or a lisp will really make their heart go tingle. So if your man has a nickname occasionally and playfully say his name, he might just like it.

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