Issa trap! Devious ways Kenyan women use to secure a man

signs he is jealous of your success

There are silly ways Kenyan try to trap men.

We are not trying to bash you we are just saying these ways will not work. There have been situations where women choose to take matters in their own hands. You think that a man will change because of the following reasons? Men change when they want to please understand that.

1. With a pregnancy

Honey, ever asked a single mother how lonely it can get? You’re always told things like “uki pata mtoto maybe ata change”. A man changes when he wants to change, don’t intentionally get pregnant and expect this man to change. Men are not connected to their children as much as mothers are, so uta shanga my friend.

ways you can't trap a man
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2. Being close to his family

It’s cute that you can call his mum and pray with her. It’s also cute that you can call his family and that his sisters hate his bad manners as well. But get this, they will always be his family and you’re just another girl who fell in love with their boy. A man can marry a woman this his family feels nothing for, just so you know.

why he won't take you seriously
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3. Moving in with him

You can move in with your man and think that now he will stop cheating or he will become nicer. Let me remind you that there are hotels, motels, his side chick has a house and cars. In short there are a million ways he can hide his character when you’re living with him.

silly ways kenyan women try to trap men
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4. Giving him money

Do not give a man money and everything you have just because you want him to stick around. If he cannot find your value minus the money then he is the problem.

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Just understand that a man will not stay with you even if you tried to trap him over a thousand ways. If he loves you he will stay with you without struggling.

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