Youth and Women to Be Given Priority in ODM Elections

ODM Leader Raila Odinga has promised to support youth and women leadership in the country. Speaking during the party, NEC meeting on Thursday, the former Prime Minister vowed to devote his energy towards ensuring that the two groups calibrate into higher leadership positions.

“Raila Odinga has been championing for youth and women empowerment. He has also stood for a conducive environment for job opportunities for the youth. ODM believes in this and in the coming party elections, youth and women will be given priority,” ODM Party wrote through their twitter handle.

The ODM Party meet with core agendas of giving their voice on the BBI report and enforcing the Handshake initiative. The party also reviewed on the recommendations of the Catherine Mumma Taskforce report on party nominations/elections.

Raila who is an enigma when it comes to Kenyan politics has always elicited a lot of reactions, especially on the 2022 succession politics. Most politicians have remained doubtful of his future except his brother Oburu Odinga who thinks that Raila is still young.

However Raila’s push for referendum still remains a nightmare to most political leaders especially Team Tangatanga which pays deep loyalty to The Deputy President William Ruto who have always read malice.

But his endorsement of Youth and women leadership will most likely re-shape the Kenyan politics with most people waiting patiently for the person he will support come 2022.

This will also give ODM party a new look after several accusations that it is dead.

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