The types of Kenyan ‘yengs’ you will not miss in a club

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Of late, speakers have been booming with the catchy song “Wamlambez Wamnyonyez Anthem” by Miracle Boy, Shalkido, Masilver, Lexxy Yung and Qoqosjuma which just incites people to going out to party. The nightlife is one of the most exciting things to experience.

I’m sure if you have ever gone to the club you got to see certain behaviours or also witnessed how girls from your squad acted when they got a little tipsy. Who knows? Maybe you also got to find out how you are in a club. Oops!

Here are the types of Kenyan women in a club:
1.The slay queen

Make way for the high maintenance chic. Often spotted rocking the famous crochet hairstyles, nails that look like claws, tight dress and heels sitting in the VIP section, with a guy or guys twice enough her age. If you are lucky you’ll get close enough to hear her order Moet or Hennessy because apparently, Kenya Cane doesn’t do for her. From time to time she’ll take her phone out to take pictures and snaps of herself indulging in Shisha. Men try to lure them into their traps but often fail because apparently ‘daddy’ is going to pay the bills and also pay her Uber home.

2.The posh girl who can’t dance

Mostly dressed in denim that hangs low on her shoulder as she just moves her head to the beat. You might mistake her for being just chilled and relaxed but the truth is; She’s Miss two left feet. Any attempt to make her dance might leave you rethinking your options. Often she’ll be on her phone texting God knows who or taking videos around of her dancing friends. Role: Designated videographer. Also known for screaming “that’s my jam” to every other song that the DJ plays.

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3. The one who dances so ratchet

Follow the sound of screaming in a club and you’ll find this honey grinding and gyrating against some poor guy who looks like he is about to explode. You’ll find them dressed in tights or very short skirts and dresses for the obvious reason. You might lose count of how many guys she’s already let touch her and dance with her. She’s the master of all styles. Lap dances, bend over, Sidung. Trust me you will not be disappointed. You’ll definitely need something to get you to cool down though!

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4.The one who makes out with every guy

It’s like a ratchet version of Oprah screaming “You get some, and you get some oh and you get some too” She’s the uncontrollable type who can’t listen to her friends who are begging her that that’s enough. But no you’ll spot her five minutes later as she lets the random guy at table five grope her butt.

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Do you think we missed other types of women in a club? If so, tell us more. If not, can you identify your place in the mentioned categories?

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