Sweet dreams? Your pillow could be the perfect death-trap for you

What’s a good night sleep without a comfy fluffy pillow to lull you to sleep. For some of us, our pillows are like a lullaby song and without it, we fail to fall asleep or we’ll have an uncomfortable night. But recent research has brought to light ways that your pillow can be more of a hazard than a blessing.

1.Acne breakouts

If your pillowcase is not washed from time to time the dirt lingering there might end up affecting your face. The dirt and oil get back to your skin and cause the acne.

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2.Neck and back pains

Your pillow may be well past its usage date. When you feel pain during the day, your pillow might be the cause may be because it’s not as supportive as it once was.

Source: capitalfm.co.ke

3.Respiratory diseases

Did you know that your pillow can accumulate dust that might eventually lead to sinus congestion?

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When choosing your pillow, it is best to go for the more natural one that will reduce the health risk to your body.

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