Humor: Nairobians share their funniest memories at Sonford Fish and chips

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Sonford chicken is a part of Kenyan history, as illustrated by thousands of Kenyans today. The iconic takeaway fast food joint has been in the country for as long as many can recall.

If you take a drive around Nairobi CBD down Moi Avenue in the wee hours of the morning when it’s darkest outside, Sonford is usually full of people coming from a club drunk and hungry. Some are usually blacked out on the counters while many enjoy their fish and chips.

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During the day, the joint is usually jam-packed especially during lunch hour as hundreds flock their daily during their lunch hour breaks. It has warmed its way into Nairobians hearts despite any bad press that has tried to slide its way into the public.

Sonford is exactly where the craziest memories are made in Nairobi. One netizen posted the question and hundreds of Kenyans have come out to share their hilarious memories at Sonford.

Prepare your ribs for a rib-cracking experience below:

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