Babu Owino Escalates Supremacy battle pushing for Education limit for Senators

Photo; Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

The Supremacy Battle between the Members of National Assembly and those from the Senate is escalating each and everyday.

The two National Houses have been clashing over power. Members from both sides blaming each other on overstepping on each others mandate.

However the Controversial Embakasi East MP Babu Owino(Paul Ongiri) has now joined in the fight fully armed.

Photo: Hon Babu Owino during the past function

The outspoken legislator is now pushing for setting a bar in the Education limit for the senators.

Speaking to NTV, Babu Owino said that the Senators need have a specific age limit to warrant their election.

“When it comes to leadership in the Senate, there should be a bar on the level of education,”he said.

The Senate have been accusing the National Assembly of overstepping on their mandate.

Whereas the Senate maintains it has a constitutional mandate to deliberate on all Bills, the National Assembly insists the drafters of the Constitution were very explicit on the roles assigned to each House.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has maintained that the Constitution is very clear on the role of each House.

There is a blame game between the leadership of the two Houses on ‘sitting’ of Bills with the Senate on the spot for originating money Bills, an exclusive function of the National Assembly.

During the Budget reading session,their enmity came out boldly with Senators walking out on CS Henry Rotich.

Babu Owino sentiments echoes in some way what The National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale have been pushing for. Duale has consistently insisted that The Senate position should be scrapped if the country goes for a referendum.


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