Vera Sidika reveals why she was scared of having s3x


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Kenyan Socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has given the major reason why she was scared of having sex.

The ‘Nalia’ hitmaker revealed on her Instastory that she used to be very scared of engaging in sexual activities because of a song that was creating awareness about HIV/AIDS.

The song is dubbed ‘Starehe’ by a Veteran Tanzanian Singer Ferooz featuring Professa Jay and it pictured the virus as a killer with health complications.

In the song, Ferooz visits the hospital as a sickly patient and he sings about the regret of the kind of lifestyle that made him contract the virus.

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Vera Sidika was sharing a thread of TBT songs when she shared her thought in regard to the song.

She mentioned that the song was very scary and she once told herself that she will never have sex because she did not want to die like the man in the song.

Some have admitted that Vera is indeed not the only person who got chills from this song back then.

Others claim that they even thought the song was based on the reality of the singer’s life and this gave them a very uncomfortable feeling.

Jaman mimi nilikuwa nikiskia beat tu naogopa kwenda kupima ila iwez amin nyimbo ilinifanya ni pime mara ya kwanza HIV,toka apo nilikuwa makin sana na AFYA YANGU
mimi nililia kabsa nilipo iona video😂😂😂
Kabisa ukimwi upo e Mungu tustriiiiiiiii🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Did Vera stick to her word that she will never have sex?

Last month, the sassy socialite disclosed the age at which she lost her virginity.

Vera Sidika lost her virginity when she was 20 years old and according to her, this was late.

The socialite spoke of not being sexually satisfied in her relationship with her ex-lover and shamelessly called him out.

Apart from this incident she also narrated how the rumours from netizens that she was HIV positive really got to her and broke her down.

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