Urembo Galore! A look into Linda Nyangweso’s Bikini that has Kenyans smitten

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Before she was a public figure, Linda Nyangweso was already grappling with insecurities about her body to a point that she wouldn’t eat in public for fear that people would think that that is all she ever did.

Many people might not know this but, it is always a joy when a lady becomes a mother. It is the most beautiful thing in the whole world and a few years ago, radio celebrity Linda Nyangweso was glad to have joined the club.

On Tuesday, Linda’s daughter Hawi, was celebrating her 3rd birthday and Kenyans couldn’t help but notice Linda’s swimwear. Being a plus size, Linda has proven to love herself and overlook the nasty ‘Bodyshamers.’

From a previous interview, Linda confessed the struggle of being a plus sized girl. Here is what she had to say about feeling insecure:

“I went to an artsy school where everyone was limber, skinny and blonde and then I joined an industry where beauty is more marketable than anything. It has been ongoing insecurity. The truth is I feel like every woman is insecure right? I have always had body insecurity issues because I just don’t look like the other girls who I am told are supposed to be the beautiful ones.  I used to hate taking pictures because it was evident that I was very different. I was not only super short, but I was also super fat and so you kind of standout standing next to these tall Amazonian girls around you.”

The chubby presenter, recently posted herself in a purple bikini, showing the fact that she was proud of her size. Accompanied by her husband and kid, they seem to have run away from the Nairobi low temperatures and are enjoying the coastal beaches in the best way they know how.

Linda revealed to her fans that she lost almost 10Kgs after giving birth.

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