Ruto is not a panicky person- Senator Cheruiyot

Photo: The Deputy President William Ruto during the past function/ Photo Courtesy

The conspiratorial plot has been going on with The Deputy President William Ruto being at the helm of the new political tension building up.

The darling relationship that for once existed in Jubilee in now turning out to be a messy,noisy and panicky.

The monster is now ready to prey on its own children.

Photo: Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot during the past event/Photo Courtesy

However kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot has come out to rubbish the claims that DP Ruto developed cold feet over nothing.

Senator Cheruiyot has stated that Dr Ruto is not that feeble that he gets afraid over nothing.

“He (DP Ruto) is not a panicky person, in fact to the contrary he is always the kind of person who will tell you to relax,”he said.

The outspoken Senator has also raised an alarm how the Cabinet Secretaries from the Mt. Kenya region can implement and execute plans that can solve all the plight of Kenyans.

“We have never heard of a meeting where its just CSs from our region, the problems that face the people of Kericho can be resolved by the whole government not the only the CSs in the cabinet from that region,”Cheruiyot said.

The summoned CS Led by Peter Munya (Trade), Joseph Mucheru (ICT), and Sicily Kariuki (Health) rubbished the claims.

Photo: CS Peter Munya

The CSs also revealed that, upon honoring the summons, they were informed that DP Ruto had made a phone call alleging that they – among other senior government officials – were planning to assassinate him.

They, however, termed the claims as “wild” and “unsubstantiated,” further faulting the DP for not carrying out due diligence first.

“These are very serious allegations especially coming from the person of the stature of the deputy president occupying an extremely powerful and important office in this land,” said CS Munya who spoke on behalf of the group.

“I think it is irresponsible, unfair and intended to portray us in a very bad light so that we look like criminals who meet to plot criminal activities against him. It is also intended to injure our reputation as law abiding citizens.”

A section of the leaders from Mt Kenya Region also castigated Dr Ruto who ploting to negatively taint the image of the region by mud slinging top legislators in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government.

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