Leaving him like a G! The ultimate rules of a break-up

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At the beginning of every relationship, no one ever thinks of breaking up. Fortunately or unfortunately, most of the first relationships we get into, do not last. Therefore, in such cases, we must go through a breakup in order to get to the next relationship.

Even if the breakup phase can be painful, frustrating and stressful, there are things both of you can do to make it easier. Here are some of the rules that are broken by most people while trying to deal with their insecurities and frustration after a breakup.

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1. Jealousy

It is very common to try various ways to make your partner jealous right after a breakup, especially if your partner is the one who proposed it. One of the common ways people do this is to hang around with other hotter individuals of the opposite sex and make sure your ex-partner sees you.

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Alternatively, others also send hot messages to their ex-partners and pretend that they sent it to the wrong person. In some cases, you might end up more hurt or even push them away further than you intended. In order to ensure that you speed up your healing process, it is wise to keep away from their presence intentionally.

2. Be Brave

In today’s world, people are breaking up through calls and text messages. However, this is an act of cowardice that will only make the other party angry and annoyed. When you think you need to end the relationship for whichever reason, create time and have a one on one conversation with the other person. Communicate in person why the relationship is not working out for you in a respectful way.

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3. Taking the Blame

In most cases, it feels easier to blame the other person and show them that they are the reason why the relationship failed. However, if you are the one who feels that the relationship is not working, gather courage and take responsibility for the breakup. Explain and make it clear to them that it is not that they are not good enough.

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Do this in a tender and gentle way so that the breakup will be less hurting and more peaceful. Only do this if you are the reason why the relationship is not working.

4. Bitching

If a breakup happens under unsettled conditions, most people end up talking bad about their ex-partners to their friends or anyone who knew about their relationship. All you need to know is that talking bad about others only makes you look bad. Therefore, you should never go bitching about him/her.

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You need to be the bigger person and say some nice things about him/her or if you have nothing good to say, just stay quiet about them. Otherwise, the listeners will assume you are the cause of the break-up and you are now looking for excuses to blame your ex-partner. This will hurt you even more.

5. Continue Being Friends

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While trying to deal with the pain and frustration of breaking up it feels like it can be less painful if you two would remain friends. This is why most people propose friendship after a breakup. However, when you are serious about the breakup, being friends isn’t a solution.

You two were emotionally and physically attached. Therefore, moving on and finding closure will take longer than it should when you are still friends. This is why you need to give each other space and cut contact. After some years, you can choose to be friends when both of you have already moved on.

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These are the five unspoken rules of breakup that you need to be aware of when you are in a relationship. In case your relationship does not work out or you are going through a breakup, these rules will give you peace and help you move on faster. Always remember that time heals everything, even a broken heart.

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