I Am Still Young! I Don’t Want Stress- Bahati Tells Off Diana



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Is he pressured by  Wife’s pregnancy Mood swings?

When we say Women are strong simply because they can carry a pregnancy for 9 months and labour for about 8 hours, I feel that we should never forget to recognize men too! I think men are stronger. If you want to dispute, ask  Kelvin Bahati AKA Bahati Kenya.

For a man to walk with a woman through gestation period it requires so much strength, extra understanding and sometimes admitting being a fool when they are not. With an expectant woman, a man must always stay humble.

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PHOTO COURTESY Kelvin Bahati and Diana Marua

This follows a post shared by Bahati’s wife Diana Marua featuring Bahati in his down to earth level trying to negotiate with his wife but he ends up being lectured by Diana.

In their conversation, Bahati tries to explain how expectant women blame every bad mood and feeling pregnancy. Apparently, he is talking to his wife who is heavily pregnant with her second baby.

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PHOTO COURTESY Diana Marua and Kelvin Bahati

Babe, onr thing you don’t understand women… every time they exhibit moods they blame it on the pregnancy!.. Bahati starts

Bahati is trying to be as humble as possible but his wife cuts him short.

About women? why do I need to understand women?… And babe you should stop generalizing..instaead of talking about peole talk about Diana.. Diana continues to speak

The conversation goes on as Diana drives the car while asking her husband where they were heading to.

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PHOTO COURTESY Diana Marua and her Husband Kelvin Bahati

Finally, Diana is done speaking and Bahati gets a chance to comment, Surprisingly he says the moods are too much as well as complaints about everything.

I am still young and I don’t want stress! Bahati told off Diana.

See the whole conversation



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