Here’s why young slay queens continue being the apple of old Kenyan men’s eyes

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We are living at a time when men as old as our grandparents are getting into relationships with our younger sisters who are still in high school or just joined campus.

And the question always remains to be why?

In Kenya, we find that even our very own government officials cannot help themselves and some even go outside their marriages to find themselves these young girls who seem to be more than happy to date them.

And not forgetting the Sponsor Culture wave that we currently still have in Kenya, taking over like the plague.

In any case, let’s have a look at why these men just can’t seem to leave the young ones alone.

1. The older ones want to settle down fast

Older women obviously don’t have the time to place games. They have been through it all and know exactly what they want. Younger women don’t want to settle fast, they take their time and don’t rush into anything.

reasons old men like younger women
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2. It’s new and refreshing

Older men feel like younger women make them feel young and rejuvenated.

reasons old men like younger women
Image: islandmix

3. It’s easy to blow their mind

Younger women are easily fascinated by what older men have. They obviously have more wealth and materials to show for. Older women have higher expectations and lazy old men don’t want to work too hard.

reasons older men like young women

4. Younger women still believe in love

Younger women have not been hurt as much as older women. They still believe in love, they are not as bitter as other women so they can easily explore romance and make older men believe in love again.

Reasons Why Old Kenyan Men Like Dating Younger Women
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5. They are more fun and exciting

Older men have already done most things in life and have probably achieved what they want to. Younger women are more willing to try new things and are simply more fun and exciting.

Reasons Why Old Kenyan Men Like Dating Younger Women
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6. They listen and are easy to manipulate

Younger women listen and are easy to manipulate. When a younger woman is dating an older man they tend to listen to them and hang on to their every word plus they are scared to piss them off because they don’t want to let go of the benefits and luxuries that older men give.

reasons why older men like younger women
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7. They look better

Why lie? most younger women look better and you cannot deny it. Their skin is smoother, their bodies are still shapely and if anything they still have a sense of fashion.

reasons why older men like younger women
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There’s always a higher chance of an older man leaving a woman for a younger woman. The problem with such men is that they leave you as soon as you “expire” and they get something fresh, don’t be fooled by the money or anything else, because keeping an older man is a lot more work than you think.

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