Get rich quick in Kenya with these 3 mobile apps


Tough times call for tough measures… or just thinking outside the box.

Kenya has so many debts, and guess who’s supposed to be liable for them? That’s right, just me and you ordinary citizens unfortunately. It’s hard to get a job in this tough economy, and this means Kenyans have resorted to habits such as betting and illegal ways of making money.

You can’t really blame us though, seriously.

Everyone is looking for sources of income or just money in general and it leaves us with very few options. However, you’ll be happy to know that we found money-making apps that will probably get you the money you need and more.


This app will pay you for inviting your friends to borrow from the app. Super neat, right? There’s a catch though, you will only get paid if your friends actually borrow and pay back the money. Make sure to pay your loans too to avoid being enlisted in the CRB.


2. Geopoll

This app pays you to undertake some surveys for them and the amount of cash you earn depends on how many surveys you take. You need to be consistent and serious too when answering the questions given. The surveys are online based.


3. Upwork

This app would be most beneficial to the people who are mostly freelancers and would want to be connected to their clients. The payment for the articles ranges from around 300 Kenyan shillings to around 500 Kenyan shillings for an article with 500 words. You can create an account but before you start your business there are some tests you’ll have to undergo and once you qualify you’ll be accepted as a member.


There are plenty of other apps that can you that cash you’ve been looking for. Remember also to be on the outlook for con artists that might try and deceive you. Also, choose a suitable app and make sure to research more information on an app before making a decision. Let us know which other apps that you know of that can get you that quick cash.

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