If you want to be happy in this life, date a younger Man

We have our Mariah Carey, Naomi Campbell, even our very own Duchess of Sussex Miss Meghan Markle, who have (or had) defied the odds of nature by being with men who are younger than themselves.

This is groundbreaking as the perception is that a man should be older in a relationship. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think love should be limited within an age-bracket. Of course there are those preposterous ones where the man and/ or woman is almost as old their own great-grandmothers, but generally speaking people should be more open-minded with such things.

There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to women dating men who are younger than them.. Love is an emotion that cannot be controlled. You fall for someone not because the brain tells you to, it’s all in the emotions.

You might still be skeptical of women your age who are dating younger men but truth be told, it is simply not the craziest thing because younger men come with a lot of benefits older men cannot simply provide.

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Benefits of dating a younger man.
He has no baggage.

A younger man is like a blank page. He comes with very little to no baggage because of the nature of relationships he has had in the past. Most of them have not been married before or have kids so he will basically be like a car with a brand new engine. This is perfect especially for women who have been in long relationships or are divorced because he will not be adding on to the bad experiences you already come with.

Zumi love
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He is fun to date.

Younger men always add a lot of spontaneity to dates. He will be willing totry new things and there will always be something to do every Saturday and Sunday. This kind of activity will definitely make you feel younger and in turn happier. Be prepared to get a random surprise every now and then.

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Sex is fantastic.

The main goal of a younger man is to please you. He is always trying to show you his prowess, his favorite positions are countless and the energy he puts in it will help you burn calories (a lot of them). The kind of high you get will definitely make your friends jealous. Sex with a younger man is simply memorable and it will leave you glowing like the sun.


He loves your experiences.

A younger man will appreciate the experiences you have has in the past. He will  ask you about how you grew up, school, your dating stories , your kids, travels or anything else you would like to share. Him giving you time to talk about yourself will make you feel loved even more. Using your experience to help him out with his decisions will also be a plus for the relationship.

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