How do you cook your Ugali?

The staple food in Kenya is the most sought-after Ugali.

It goes without saying that this is one of those traditional sacred Kenyan Meals that everyone (Because it is not for women only to cook) should know how to properly prepare in their lifetime. Ugali is that meal that should be simple, plain and then spiced up with a spicy accompaniment.

It’s basic. You literally need 2 ingredients; Water and maize flour. That’s it. It shouldn’t be complicated to be honest but there are these weird types of people who actually cook ugali in a very strange way.

1. Ugali+salt

But why are you putting salt in Ugali? I mean what’s the point? You’re trying to flavour it so that you can it alone? And how much salt do you even put? This is not rice so it’s a bit odd, have you tried this?

weird ways people cook ugali

2. Ugali+margarine

Ugali and margarine, yani ugali and blue band? I understand when people do this with recipes like Chapo to an extent but Ugali, isn’t this pushing it a bit too far?



3. Cooked ugali+boiled water

So normal cooked ugali then you add boiled water for what exactly? Does it heat the ugali or make it taste like watery uji?

weird ways people cook ugali
Image: Nairobi Kitchen

4. Putting Jesus’s cross on the initial flour

This became a recipe from people who believed that putting a cross on the ugali would make it more holy. How does holy food taste like? Besides praying for it, what else can you do to your food to make it all holy?

weird ways people cook ugali
Image: The Standard

We think ugali is meant to be plain boiled ugali, nothing more and nothing less. What other things to people add in their ugali’s? Because clearly ugali can be spiced up a bit more than we thought.

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