Here’s why you should definitely make time for ‘Getting Some’ in the morning

If sex isn’t already a big part of your relationship, then you should probably make it one as soon as you are done reading this.

And if morning sex isn’t already a part of your routine, then get busy coz it’s definitely going to become one after you’re done reading this.

I understand that for most of us, mornings are a time where things are hectic enough as they are and a lot of us honestly don’t have time for sex, especially if you are in an old relationship.

On top of all that, thinking of the long day you have ahead and all the other stresses life offers may not put you in the mood for some loving immediately you get up. However, morning sex actually comes with some health benefits and if you’ve not been having this as a regular, you sure will want to after reading this.

1. Creativity

Studies suggest that the brain is more creative in the morning. Creativity will go a long way in improving your sex life in ways you won’t imagine.

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2. Creates a strong bond

You and your partner will be drawn closer together because of this. Being intimate with each other in the morning and doing other morning activities together will bring you closer together and you’ll have that warm fuzzy feeling all morning (or day) long.

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3. You become more energized

Yup, the start of your day will be on an all-time high because morning sex kind of works the same way a good session at the gym does. Higher energy levels mean you’ll be more productive and isn’t this what you want?

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4. Burn calories

We are sure that you’ve heard rumors that sex helps you to burn off some calories and we are happy to let you know that this is true. Skipping a day at the gym will be understandable if you substitute it for some good morning sex.

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