Zari Express Fear Of Losing King Bae


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When a woman is afraid to lose her man, there is either a threat or too much love! Now, what is it in the case of Zari?

Zari’s relationship with her  South African Tycoon guy has been growing day by day according to the social media posts shared  by Zari her die hards.

Recently Zari disclosed that she was already engaged to his billionaire King Bae and their wedding was just around the corner. She even purchased honeymoon robes back in April.

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Zaris Honeymoon Robes INSTAGRAM

Two months down the line, the wedding has not yet happened and Zari’s post on social media raised eyebrows when she revealed that she would never want to lose King Bae.


Zari’s post comes a few days after she spoke about her wedding for the 3rd time saying that she couldn’t wait to be Mrs M. Previously Zari Hassan had said that they were waiting for the Custom made rings to arrive in South Africa so that they could proceed with their private wedding.

Na very soon nitakuwa napata my own Bentley it gonna be my present …thats gonna be more of my engagement present. Nishafanya my engagement.. My ring is being custom made so once it’s ready, coz I wanted something different so we ready got to that so we are waiting for it to come out,” said Zari.


Every Day Zari is praising KingBae sending to the world a picture of a rich, loving and a gentleman. In a recent post-Zari shared a video of her Flaunting the expensive seats in her new house, playing video games with her prince Charm.


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Good morning wapendwa 🤗🤗💃💃 #zarithebosslady #KINGBAE

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With all these praises and PDA it is strange for Zari to express fears of losing King Bae. Remember King Bae [Real names unkown] has never shared anything about Zari online and therefore it is difficult to know his side of the story. Probably the love is too much such that she is afraid of missing it, or something is not right.

Taking To social media Zari stated that;

Found someone i never wanna lose, Thats ME


Zari writes these words after she was spotted dancing in the midst other men wearing a very short revealing dress; Take a look

Fans are asking Zari to let King Bae worry about not losing her, and not the converse.




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