Kenyans question Jeff Koinange’s ability to conduct intelligent interviews

The famous self-made journalist Jeff Koinange has proven in recent times that maybe he is about to hit the menopause of his career.

Just a few days ago, Jeff Koinange was the talk on the streetsĀ  following his ‘threesome’ comment on live TV.

Although the terms was absolutely right, but dirty minded Kenyans only thought of the ‘nasty bedroom affair.’

But again Jeff Koinange expressed some level of low class journalism during his interview with West Pokot Governor John Krop Lonyangapuo.

During an interview on Wednesday, the Professor of Mathematics hilariously demanded an apology from Jeff Koinange for referring his county as primitive and marginalized.

He further threatened to have the presenter in his car boot and take him to West Pokot so that he can prove him wrong if he doesn’t apologize.

Photo: West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo

“There is no cattle rustling in West Pokot. Our county is the only county where education is compulsory. I have introduced adult education,” stated Lonyangapuo.

Hon William Chepkut, Ā Member Of Parliament For Ainabkoi Constituency, has also bashed Jeff Koinange for conducting an interview without research therefore depending on his own biasness to ask questions.

Image result for Chepkut
Photo: Hon William Chepkut

“Jeff Koinange doesn’t have any background of West Pokot, he seems to have a fixation with Cattle Rustling. He is as clueless as the whites who think Africa is a black county/ continent,” Chepkut claimed.

His fellow TV journalist and former legal advisor to AU Representative Raila Odinga, Tony Gachoka who also hosts a popular TV show on KTN TV,Check Point, has further castigated Koinange for failing to uphold the required journalistic standards while conducting interviews.

Other Kenyans have also agreed with Governor Lonyangapuo and Hon Chepkut in the fact that West Pokot is not as marginalized as most people perceive it.

“Am so happy with the governor I think Jeff Koinange you should visit his county to confirm all this. What a simple Leader we’ve ever have This show should continue again and again have changed my perception towards pokot,” social media user by the name Eng. Josephat Mayanja stated.



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