How to easily make him dump his ‘Mpango wa Kando’

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With this Kenyan economy taking a toll on everyone, it comes to no surprise that people are trying to find ways of cutting unnecessary costs.

This also includes cutting down on people. Nowadays people find that having more than 2 kids is strainous and hectic which is why they opt not to. Understandably so, because raising children requires a lot of sacrifices and finances.

However, those are not the only group being cut off by people in general.

For married men and others in relationships, they have yet taken to quit having their much loved side chics or ‘Mpango wa Kando’ if you will. It’s shouldn’t entirely be because of the economy though.  Some men find themselves caught up between useless love triangles for no reason really.

The women in relationships with these men find it hard because the men never make up their damn mind smh! Which is weird, because why would you stay with him knowing he has a side dish in he first place? But oh well, to each is his own.

You want to cut her off your life completely, and you don’t know how to, and it’s somehow is even scary for you.

If you’re one of these women, well I may have the solution for you.

1. Just reach her and let her know that you can be a psycho

I mean sometimes if you want something done you might as well do it yourself. When you have given your man many chances and he still wants to toy with your feelings you need to remind him who is boss. Take her contacts and tell her off as a matter of fact plan a meeting with her and just give her a piece of your mind. This should mostly apply if you’re married or have kids together.

how to get rid of the other woman
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2. You must up your dressing game

Some men cheat simply because you’re not giving them the same luxurious time you used to give them. Up your dressing game and be sexy again, if you relaxed and started wearing granny panties all the time then it is time to remind him that you’re a snack and it may hit him that other men also like snacks.

how to get rid of the other woman
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3. Make your bedroom life exciting

Try new things sexually, be creative in bed and ask him what he wants. Download the Kamasutra app if you have to and just see if you can try those new positions together.

how to get rid of the other woman


4. Pray for that man

Honestly prayers are effective and perhaps the best way to deal with everything. Tell God what you would like for your partner, it may take a bit longer but you can be sure that God’s way of fixing things is definitely not temporary.

how to get rid of the other woman
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5. Tell your partner to inform her that they are done or you will leave

He really should be the one to deal with his mess. You don’t deserve such kind of problems, out of the very many men we have in this world I can assure you that there’s someone who will love you a lot more and will never feel the need to add another woman to complete him.

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If you have tried everything on this list and nothing has worked then it is time to leave. You may want to stay for the kids but then again if they see you miserable you’re being selfish because they will grow up with an unhappy mother. You need to be happy, have peace and you deserve to be with someone who values you. No one is perfect but a man who has side chicks is a man who will never stop, today it will be that girl and tomorrow it will be another one. Pick your struggles wisely.

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