Butt-Attack: Here’s what’s probably causing your posterior to itch like crazy!

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Sometimes the universe just wants to embarrass us, in my opinion.

You could be at that super classy event looking all good, smelling all fresh, and then it hits you out of nowhere.

An itch. And not just at any other regular place like your arm or something. Nope. This one decided to go straight for the hard part. Your butt. Yup you read that right. Your buttocks. Your ass. Your posterior. Your booty. SMH.

And you’re there left wondering what to do and where to go to get busy scratching. They worst part is, you HAVE to scratch it with your arms. IMMEDIATELY. This isn’t those itches that go away when you rub the area against something or can ask someone to help you out. You cannot grind on anything!!! WHAT IS LIFE?



The most important thing other than the obvious is knowing what caused it and how to go about it to avoid such cases in the future. So, which one of this is it?


1. Wiping a bit too hard…Damn you Tis’-ssue

If you tend to wipe your tush a lot,  using water to rinse off first then pat the area dry with toilet paper. If your toilet paper tends to be on the rough side, it may be time to invest in  something a little more soft and gentle. Harsh toilet paper can actually leave mini-cuts on your tush that can get itchy and cause great discomfort. .man!

3 Reasons Your Butt Is Itching Like Crazy!


2. Too spicy for my butt.. .

The food you eat, will determine a lot on the urgency to visit the ladies. .Also, it can impact on your poop  and make it less acidic..Tomatoes, coffee and spicy foods ( buzz kill right there..), can tip your poop  into the acidic side and irritate your booty creating an itchy sensation and causing you to itch here and there…everywhere

3 Reasons Your Butt Is Itching Like Crazy!


3. Too much moisture

So, your booty can trap moisture and cause it to itch. To lower your risk of developing the butt-attack, due to excess moisture, make sure you towel off thoroughly after showering and try switching to cotton undies if you know you tend to sweat bu-lot (lol) —it’s more absorbent than silky underwear and should help keep you dry and itch-free..

3 Reasons Your Butt Is Itching Like Crazy!

I guess the things that happen to our bodies are both normal and weird. I would say that it’s one of the reasons that make us completely human. LOL..

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