Your man will probably not tell you this, but this is what he thinks when you add weight

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Kenyan men never lack anyting to say about women no matter what.

We really can’t be at peace out here doing our thing coz somehow a silly entitled man will come up with something to say smh: “Ata smile tu……. Salimianga watu ata…… Mresh!” Men, please consider your actions when talking to a woman. What if it was your sister, mother, niece, or even daughter? Would you want that for them??

It’s even worse when a man talks about a woman appearance, specifically our weight. Knowing well how women are sensisitive to that topic, men should really be cautious of what they say/ do.

For some men, they don’t mind it when you gain a bit of weight while others simply think yuck, forgetting there could be reasons to it. And most importantly if it’s their business. When men are dating you they usually like the visual part of you. This means he was interested in you because of your looks, you used to dress well, put your hair up and do your makeup.

Overtime, you start to get comfortable, even as you gained weight you forgot to change your wardrobe. Trust me, your man probably is thinking these things at that time, but is too polite to mention anything.

1. I like that you gained it in the right areas

He means your booty, hips and probably your breasts. He is not ready to see your tummy wiggling around with everything else. He won’t say it but if you have added a lot of weight and you didn’t even give birth then he is probably wondering how to tell you to stop eating.

how men tell you you're fat
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2. You look like my mum

If his mum is big then you follow closely. You possibly remind him of his mum which is disturbing and quite unflattering in so many ways.

what men want to tell you when you gain weight
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3. You’re not as sexy as you used to be

If he met you when you were smaller, cared about your dress code and now you’re just there then you have lost your sexy. Don’t be shocked if you find messages of him telling other women how sexy they are and how he loves their dresses.

how men feel when you gain weight
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4. I like the new curves 

Chances are, you were not big before so when you gained a bit of weight you are starting to get Kim Kardashian curves. Which is great but then the pressure to maintain that weight begins.

things men want to tell you when you're fat
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5. You feel too heavy on top of me

He will insist that he gets on top of you instead of you on him. You are suffocating him and he can’t tell you it’s because you’re now a bit chubby.

things men want to tell you when you gain weight


Men have a way of telling you that you have gained weight but sometimes they fear. If you have gained weight because you recently gave birth, please let no one tell you anything. However, it is important to take care of yourself not because of a man but just to reduce your own insecurities.

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