Mbadi’s Proposed Church Bill is Only Irritating Religious Hypocrites and Thieves,Buzeki


National Assembly Majority Leader John Mbadi recent constitutional amendment proposal seeking to have fundraiser contributions capped at Sh100,000, has elicited many reactions especially from those in the political arena.

Former Contestant for the Uasin Gishu County top job Buzeki Kiprop is the latest to weigh in the controversial bill.

Buzeki claims Mbadi’s proposed bill is irritating those who are opposing the bill are the religious hypocrites. He went on to argue that the Bill should infact be upgraded to ban all the church donations so that genuine givers and corrupt leaders are squared out.


Posting on his Facebook account Buzeki wrote,

“The proposed Bill on 100K limit church donations is irritating religious hypocrites! In fact let us ban any pronouncements on church donations, this will square it out-for the genuine givers the stingy and thieves! Stop wasting time on fake laws! ”

On Sunday, deputy president William Ruto also criticized the Bill saying that “you cannot compete with God” with a section of MPs also vowing to ensure that the Bill fails if it comes to the floor of the House.

DP William Ruto in a Church function. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Bill has as well been termed as another of the opposition’s attempts to tame Ruto, who has been crisscrossing the nation almost on a daily basis giving millions in charitable initiatives.

Mbadi has acknowledged getting complains from Ruto’s side that he is targeting him, denying the claims and saying that the DP doesn’t feature anywhere in his proposal.

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