Issa Lie!! How Kenyan Parents have finessed their kids since birth

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Let’s be real. Kenyan Parents are some of the worst liars we have yet to encounter.

We’ve all been decieved by their stories, and failed promises aka “Sema tu ukweli, sitakuchapa” SMH. Woe unto you if you fell for those. And don’t worry we are together in it.

Be ye not deceived. Our parents have been running game on us ever since we were born. As kids, there are some lies that we busted them on and there are other lies we uncovered as as we grew up and became adults.

I mean, we have already established how when our uncles told us they don’t have money, they really weren’t lying. We completely get it now, because we are those “uncles”.

We can’t really blame them though. We probably will never understand why they did that until we bacome parents later on in life.

1.About hardship

Kenyan  parent: “When I was your age I had to walk 4 kilometres to  school, bare foot, on ice, up a mountain, by myself and you get driven to school everyday in my car”

Us:  Erm…

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2.About lying

Kenyan  parent: ” I can always tell when you are lying to me. Remember your mother knows everything. You think I don’t know about what you did recently?”

Us: Me? MIMI?!

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3.About following the rules

Kenyan parent: ” When I was your age I was very  obedient. Ask your grandmother. Sometimes I look at you and wonder whose child you are. Why can’t you be like me?”

Us and Our Grandmothers: Wait. What?!!

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4.About education

Kenyan parent: ” When I was in school, i got all A’s all the time. Whose brain did you inherit? This thickness did not come from my side of the family. Are you even really my child? Mscheeew!”

Us: Wauuuu.

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Weh! As you can see we have been carried makodofia (kubebwa ki avocado) our whole lives. Parents are out here running circles around us. Tell us in the comments below lies that your kenyan parents have told you over the years.

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