Be Strong My Love! Diamond’s Mother Consoles Wema Sepetu

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Diamon’s Mother and Wema Sepetu [Photo Courtesy]
Diamonds mother consoles Diamond’s Ex gilfriend- Wema Sepetu, during trying moments of spending 7 days in jail.

Wema and Diamond Platinumz dated for a long time and the bond between Diamond’s mother; SandraKhasim and Wema grew so strong. Even after Wema separated with Diamond, Diamond’s Mother still loves her.

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Wema Sepetu and Diamond’s mother [Photo Courtesy]
News about Wema Sepetu’s arrest went on the air on Monday and it seems that Sandra got information about Wema’s predicaments. While Zari’s fans were celebrating over the arrest, and daring Diamond to go and rescue Wema, Diamonds mother took time to sent a message of consolation to her.

Taking to social media, Diamonds mother shared an old photo of her and Wema Sepetu with captions;


Be strong my love 💕 @wemasepetu

Diamond’s Mother and Wema Sepetu[Instagram]

Wema Sepetu dated Diamond before fame and money came in and separated them. However on an exclusive interview with Willy M Tuva, Diamond revealed that Wema Sepetu was the only lady he loved truly and deeply.

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Diamond and Wema Sepetu [Photo Courtesy]
He also claimed that His love for her would at times make him shed tears. He also said that Wema made him cry for a number of times because he loved her very much.

The first time I shed tears was during my relationship with Wema.

Wema Sepetus Arrest

On Monday 17 June 2019, Former Miss Tanzania and an actress Wema Sepetu was thrown behind bars pending the hearing of her case

Wema appeared Before a court in Dar es Salaam- Kisutu Resident Magistrate on Monday morning where she was charged with bail terms breaching.

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Wema Sepetu [Photo Courtesy]
Appearing before the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam on Monday, Wema was charged with breaching her bail terms.  This follows an arrest warrant which was issued on 11th June after she skipped court where her case was to be mentioned.

Wema is spending her second day in prison where she will be until 24th June when the court will rule on new bail terms.



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