The Pre-Game matters more than the actual Game in the bedroom

For those who may not be aware, Foreplay is such an important part of your sex life and for a lot of women, it’s usually just the tip of the iceberg. We live for the foreplay. Sensual kissing and touching, fingering and oral sex can take both you and your partner to cloud 9 for just those few minutes.

Foreplay is not just for women; men enjoy it too when it’s done right. Using the same foreplay tips every day can be boring. What’s even worse is that some couples skip it altogether which is a big mistake if the two of you want to have a mind-blowing session.

We are talking about doing something more than just kissing, caressing and then getting into the act. We bet you might want to experiment these tips with your partner next time you are getting busy:

What comes before the actual deed can take sex with your partner to a whole other level. Foreplay is important in that it will build up your craving for each other which will make sex better for the two of you. Here are some foreplay ideas you should try next time before hurrying right into it.


1. Send sexy photos

You don’t have to go all wild and feel like you’re doing a porn shoot, try something more subtle that reveals a bit but not too much. Naughty thoughts will lead to naughty actions when you see each other.

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2. Make out in public

You don’t have to go all full PDA and make everyone around you uncomfortable but making out will definitely get things heated up and the fact you can’t just do it right there will make the two of you hot.

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3. Turn it into a game

When you’re getting started, play a game and see how long either of you can last and the loser will have to do something big and exciting in  return.

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4. Flirt

Cheesy as it may sound, these are the things that you used to do with your partner way before you became official. You will turn your man on and all he will be thinking about is when he can have you to himself.

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5. Start with a massage

A  full body massage is always a nice way to start up things. Do it in turns and resist the urge until you have both given each other a full massage. By the time you are getting done, you will be dying to have each other.



6. Blindfold them

When you’re getting into it, put a blindfold on them and work your way around all those sensitive spots that turn him on. The fact that he doesn’t know what is coming will really get him off.

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If you don’t think that foreplay plays a huge part of your sex life, here’s a little insight to what’s supposed to happen and why.

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