Don’t worry ladies. Your secret’s safe with me

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There is no innocent woman on the planet. In all honesty dudes and ladies are quite similar it’s just that girls are cuter. Which is why we get a pass for most things….I know, I know, double standards… but we already have so much going on though. There are those little things we do when we’re alone, that nobody knows we do, but one can take a wild guess. It’s perfectly normal. If you don’t do even at least one or two, then girl, you might be “cray cray”. Just messing with you. Here’s a list of tidbits.

1. Binge watch guilty pleasure shows

No one around huh? Nobody to judge your choice of shows and everything. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to watch an entire season of Gilmore Girls or Friday Night Lights or disconnect yeah? Just get your pj’s on or whatever it id you wear, popcorn ready and chill!

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2. Sing in the shower/ room

We all do this. Sometimes the inner Rihanna or Whitney Houston gets the best of us and BAM! we are live at Time’s Square. Damn! just look at how your tickets sold out!

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3. Check out your bod

Uh huh. look at you admiring your curves in the mirror. eh? Go ahead and check out your abs and booty 100 times a day to check if those 20 squats you just did are noticeable yet, or if anyone will be able to tell you had an entire Domino’s Pizza by yourself last night.

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4. Model all the clothes you have

Hey there Victoria Secret model? damn you good lookin’. Now, strike a pose. Yeah, honey, rock that dress, rock those jeans and whatever. You look sexy and you know it

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5. Masturbate

Well, come on honey. When nobody’s looking and you’re all alone and your man ain’t home, you gotta do what you gotta do sis. I am not here to judge.

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Hehe, so I got every woman out there, including me busted. I believe we do either one or two things from this list when we’re all alone.

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