Struggles every Kenyan can relate to when their data bundles deplete


You’re in a boring environment with no Wi-Fi. All you have is your phone. You know no one. So you decide to make good use of your phone and it’s bundle because you’re going to be there for a while. It’s not a problem coz at least there are lights so charging your phone is definitely a plus.

It’s been a couple of minutes into your favourite movie/series and then the text hits you out of nowhere. Your data bundles have run out. It feels like the end of the world for you. You don’t have any more money, you had already okoad jahazi, you spent all your bonga points, if anyone sends you money it will immediately be eaten coz uliamua kufuliza, WHAT IS LIFE?



I know all this sounds so familiar and that’s because we’ve all been through such a situation.

It’s at these times where we discover everything about our phones because we have nothing better to do. In fact, it’s almost a bother to you as you tend to feel as if your phone is actually useless. You may have an iPhone and but the kind of network you’re on will frustrate you if they keep showing your data. If you have a horrible network or your data keeps running out you will definitely relate to these struggles.

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1. When you’re on a matatu and then your left with no entertainment

Especially in the evening when you’re trying to get through the traffic but then your data runs out and you’re left wondering what kind of data package you signed up for.

data struggles
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2. When you’re in the middle of a heated WhatsApp conversation

The time when you’re busy chatting with bae or getting the gossip from your friend and when you try to respond you see that clock that shows your message didn’t go through. How do you get rid of this problem? Get a data package that actually gives you free WhatsApp like the Airtel one to avoid this struggle.



3. When you’re trying to upload a photo on IG but your data runs out

It basically refuses to load like how annoying is that? You’re trying to post your favourite photo and the next thing Instagram asks you if you can post it later, how about not using all my data? If you switch to a better data plan like the daily Airtel daily plan for 20 bob then you will be sorted. The plan will give you 100mb+free WhatsApp I mean how much more do you need?

data struggles
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4. When you’re waiting for a friend in a restaurant all alone

They take their sweet time so you thought you would use your phone to kill time but the data was not on your side. You keep checking other apps as you think about all the money you have used on data but as I said it really depends on the network you’re using.

data struggles

5. When you need a cab but you can’t order because you have no data

That moment you’re done with a place but when you try to order a cab you can’t because your data runs out. Surely, what if you’re stranded or it’s really late at night?

data struggles
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In this day and age when you have so many data options, you really shouldn’t be subjected to mediocrity.

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