You won’t believe what terms Kenyans use to name female’s pubic area


Kenyans are very creative.

If you need proof of this just take a look at all the parodies they put out and the tweets they post.

Kenyans are also very very (and I say this shaking my head) ridiculous. In an African setting, people do not go about the day talking about a lady’s private parts. The fact that I am also saying ‘private parts’ and not Vagina (which is a biological term, also by nature) can tell you a lot.

I don’t understand why they act as if it is such an offensive term and yet they have encountered with it at least once in their lives. The most ridiculous one’s being men, who forget where they came from in the first place because they would not be alive without a Vagina. Yeah, I said it.

In light of this, Kenyans have over the years come up with some er…..synonyms of some sort to refer to the Vagina.

1. Nunu

Jesus be a sedative. Why do you all sound like you are in pre-school and have never seen a vagina? Nunu? Really sis? You’re 25, woman, just say vagina. V.A.G.I.N.A!

Kenyans who say this: College girls sporting the same high waisted jeans and hairstyle but only when they are by themselves in private.

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Wauuu! Listen, coochie or it’s evil cousin cookie is actual disrespect for your vagina. Can you name the parts of the vagina that cover the clitoris? No, you can’t because you’ve named it after a baked good. Sigh.

Kenyans who say this: Upmarket festival girls who only brunch at the Alchemist or River Cafe and only in their WhatsApp groups when one of them suspects they may have an STI.

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Congratulations, you are failing in 2 languages now. Ninio sounds like such a shameful thing especially when it’s said in a whisper and with very little eye contact. Will you burst into flames if you say VAGINA out loud?

Kenyans who say this: Kenyan moms and their daughters during a very uncomfortable conversation about sex and sexual health. Lord!

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You better be 4 years old before you open your mouth and describe your vagina this way to someone else. What is a kadudu? Is it some sort of pet? Can we keep it? Can we take it on walks?

Kenyans who say this: Young Kenyan mothers when trying and failing to have the sex talk with their young daughter. Just say VAGINA sis. No one will burst into flames if you do.

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Guys, the word vagina is not a rattlesnake. Use it. It won’t bite. Calling our body parts by their correct names removes shame around the subject and will go along way in preventing rape culture amongst both men and women. So open your mouth and say VAGINA! Do it!

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