You’d be surprised to find out that you don’t know how to put on condom properly

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It may seem that we all know it works but considering we are in an African setting where talking about anything to do with sex is seen as speaking of a “taboo”, we really have been figuring shit out for ourselves.

Firstly, I don’t think Africans believe in the concept of condoms. Or rather those of older generations at least. If you look at typical family history in an African home, most of their elders and ancestors seem to have a pattern where they have more than one wife, and several children of at least 6 …by each said wife, therefore making the families be so humongous.

Nowadays, due to economic reasons as well as disinterest, if I should say so, most people get fewer kids. And that can be attributed to how we use condoms in this generation.



Now, it may seem pretty basic to work a condom; put it on, do your thing then have zero worries about getting pregnant. Scary thing is that condoms won’t guarantee you 100% effectiveness when used the wrong way and there are ways you can actually be handling them improperly.  These may be common things we overlook when it comes to proper condom care.


1. Expiry date

Rule number one: ALWAYS check the expiry date of a condom.

Most people are not even aware that condoms have an expiry date in the first place (you’re welcome btw) but they do have due to how they wear off, after all, its just rubber.

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2. Lube

Lube prevents the condom from drying out and prevents friction, which adds on to how it can make your sexual experience a lot easier and way more exciting.  But we ladies know how uncomfortable this can be. Water-based lubricants are best with latex condoms. Oil-based ones weaken the latex and this may cause your condom to break.

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3. The tip

Some people like to ‘catch’ sperm that’s ejaculated for some weird reason. If that’s the case always make sure that when the condom is worn there is some space at the tip for this or it could lead to it breaking. Pinching the tip as you put it on to avoid an air bubble could also prevent it from breaking.

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4. Size

It’s stretchy but that doesn’t mean size does not matter. Make sure your man always has the correct size of condom.

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5. Putting on two

The ones who do this are just weirdos if we’re being honest smh. Putting on two condoms leads to friction meaning it can break and this puts you at risk.

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