Women Mps distract Budget Reading to Protest Brutal assault of Fatuma Gedi


Photo: Women MPs Protesting

The Female Members of Parliament have walked out of the budget reading speech to protest the brutal assault of Wajir Women Rep Fatuma Gedi.

Wajir East MP Rashid Kassim assaulted Fatuma Gedi on Thursday Morning leaving her socked in blood.


Gedi was left with a bloody mouth after the morning incident in Parliament precincts in a reportedly unprovoked attack by Kassim.

Image result for Fatuma gedi assault
Photo: Hon Fatuma Gedi Nursing injuries

The Female MPs walked out to condemn the assault on Hon Fatuma Gedi which has been termed as gross violation and disrespect to the women in the society.

Rashid Kassim Mp Wajir East
Photo: Hon Rashid Kassim

The police have managed to pounce on Rashid Kassim hours after committing the crime.

The Speaker of the National Assembly  Justin Muturi has also ordered action to be taken if the investigations prove that Hon Rashid assaulted Hon Fatuma Gedi.


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