#SelfieNation: Making the best thirst traps for Kenyan men

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The hardest thing in any relationship, even if it’s a situationship has to be when the guy asks you to send him nudes.

If you’re not a self-confident woman who doesn’t even need to be asked for nudes but would rather thirst to trap the men themselves, then you share the struggles of having to take the perfect picture of your beloved Birthday Suit showcasing the best parts of it while hiding our flaws.

And if that’s the case, well, lucky for you I come bearing four killer tips to take the best thirst traps for your man.

1. Getting in the mood

You can’t take sexy pics if you aren’t feeling a little sexy, a little naughty and maybe too frisky. You don’t really have to be sexting him to send him nudes. Getting in the right mood is as easy as remembering that appreciative boner when you wore that dress that one time.

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2. Setting the scene

Yo. I will never stop talking about ambience. It is important in every situation including taking naughty bathroom pics to send to your man during your lunch break. Just don’t get caught

Seriously, many a great snap have been ruined by dirty laundry in the background

3. Knowing your body

We all have bits of our bodies that make us cringe and wonder why anyone would want to see us naked. You don’t want to see those body parts in your sexy pictures because it might ruin your mood completely.

4. Picking the outfit

Or Not. Sexy pictures don’t have to be explicit. If you are new to this, pick your favourite sexy itty bitty tiny panties and bra. For accessories, you can use anything from artfully placed jewellery and scarfs to putting on a whole friggin dress that doesn’t fit right but makes your titties pop.

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So now you know sis. Start making plans to send this hot AF pics to bae. Let us know in the comments, should nudes have just lingerie or your birthday suit?

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