Harmonize spoils his parents with two brand new cars worth millions

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Tanzanian Bongo sensation Harmonize bought his parents two brand new cars. The superstar has spent about Ksh.6 million on the purchase of two Toyota Harriers, one in silver and the other in white.

He posted the news on his story, showing his parents reactions to the surprise. He parked the cars in the parking lot waiting for his parents to come and choose who will drive what. His mother picked the silver one forcing his father to take the white one.

His parents were very excited about the new cars as it was written on their faces and broad smiles.

This is not the first time the singer has dished out sleek cars as gifts, it seems to be the norm in Wasafi. He recently gifted his friend Jose Wamipango with a brand new Suzuki Swift.

According to Harmonize, the belated gesture to celebrate Wamipango’s birthday was a thank you for his friendship in the ghetto during his younger years when he strived to hit the music jackpot.

Hata kuiandika niliandika nikiwa katika mazingira ngumu sana nikiwa Ghetto. Nilikuwa naishi kwa mwanangu anaitwa Jose Wamipango. Nilikuwa naishi ABC lakini mwanagu anaitwa Jose alikuwa anaishi maeneo ya Ilala familia yao kidogo ilikuwa iko freshi.

“So nilikuwa natoka zangu kuangalia studio tofauti tofauti nikiwa late naenda pale kwa mwangu Jose. Birthday yake ilikuwa juzi nilikuwa niko Nigeria nimerudi jana, leo nimemnunulia gari nimetoka kumkabidhi,” wrote Harmonize.

This comes about a week after his side chic Nana Shanteel welcomed their baby girl into the world after keeping the pregnancy on the down low.

This comes a few months after Kondeboy proposed to his Italian bae Sarah, who have been dating for two years now.

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