#SudanMassacre: Why is no one talking about this

Photo: Courtesy

The internet is currently ablaze with the viral news, images and videos of the Sudan massacre going on.

It is in these times, where we question our humanity and support of basic human rights. A lot is happening in Sudan as we speak, and we are all wondering, Why is no one talking about this?

The one disturbing fact we all have is where is the same energy for when the Notre Dame building was razed down by fire? Is Africa no less of people than Europe?

People are dying, women and girls being raped, houses being raided, people being thrown into Nile River alive, all while the government blacks out any and every source of hope or help put like the internet. There is a blackout in the country.

Why isn’t the world talking about this?? These images are disturbing.


If you dare to go against the rule, your body is most likely to be found in the Nile River. Sad, but such is the reality of the matter.

Sudan needs us. #PrayForSudan


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