Here’s why all Kenyan women need ‘Kilimani Mums’ page

When Facebook first landed in Kenya, it was a life-changing experience for all of us, literally. It had changed the game of Social Media completely.
Back then if you didn’t have a Facebook Account you were considered to be “not cool.” And as time progressed it would come to show that the number of friends, likes and comments you got on posts mattered.
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It was sensational.

Then came other social media platforms which then took over leaving Facebook to be somewhat of an “Old school” Site. Then the revolution came with the beginning of the now Famous Kilimani Mums Page that became such an integral part of Kenyan social media culture such that it feels like it’s been around since the dawn of time.

The page began as a group of mums looking for support from other women in a similar situation and snowballed into a force influencing Kenyan internet culture and society as a whole.

There is nothing that goes down in any part of Kenya without the knowledge of Kilimani Mums. The Drama that ensues over there is enough  to get someone out of depression. The Page in itself as much as it has become more of a trolling page, also has some of its benefits.

1. Support

Prayers, direction, an empathetic ear you can find all of these with the women of Kilimani mums.


2. Wisdom.

The Facebook group is a space where different women share their stories and as result wisdom gained from their experiences.


3. Advice.

Going through a tough break up and do not know what to do with yourself, perhaps you are a new mum and can’t figure out why the baby is crying heck maybe you just need a cosmetics review. Kilimani mums will be there for you.


4. Safe space.

There are shared experiences around womanhood and you can share pretty much anything on Kilimani Mums (if you stick to the group rules).


5. Hilarious conversation.

Imagine being in a room with your funniest aunties and then times the number by a couple thousand and boom you have Kilimani mums. So while they hand out life gems they throw in so much humor (sometimes at your expensive but only if you said or asked something stupid).


6. Girl power.

We will not lie to you and say every single woman in the Kilimani Mums Facebook group is wildly supportive and dedicated to killing the patriarchy. But the majority are here for supporting, uplifting and guiding women the best they know how and that intent is usually at the core of girl power.


7. Justice.

Kilimani Mums have literally been responsible for the arrest of criminals. These women have also saved each other from heartbreak and helped women find out about their husbands/boyfriends less than gentlemanly behaviour.


Thank you Kilimani Mums for making Facebook great!

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