You would never miss these types of Kenyans under Youtube comments


Honestly, Kenyans have a talent of being so savage that it’s almost scary. From our very own politicians to young kids casually roasting you in the streets, Kenyans sure do have a quick tongue when it comes to comments.

Idk where we get it from though, but its definitely in our genes. You are just born with it.

In today’s generation, everything is digitalized including the comments you would normally get from people. It’s the era of Social Media. From Vloggers to bloggers, to casual influencers, they all have a story to tell through their social media platforms.

And you would never miss crazy comments on their channels, especially in Youtube.

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1. The Latecomer.

Comment: Who else is watching this in June 2019  like me?

These are the ones who follow up waaaay after everyone else has. Then they ask around to see if they are alone You’ll find such comments on videos posted three to ten years ago.

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2. The hater.

Comment: ‘What a waste of my bundles’ or “I’ve just wasted five minutes of my life that I will never get back.’

These ones basically have nothing better to do than hate on others. If you didn’t want to waste your time, why did you keep watching it then? Such commenters will be bashing anything about anyone involved in the video including their looks and employment status.


3. The staunch fan.

Comment: Why would anyone even dislike this video?

You cannot change these people’s minds when it comes to their fave. Whatever you do, don’t try to get into an argument with these people. You will never win.

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4. The roll-call person

Comment: Raise your hands if you watching from Kenya like me

These are the same kind of people that like being in chamas and Whatsapp groups. They can’t just function alone. They have to be around people to feel safe. If they see that all the comments are from white people, they will look around for some fellow Kenyans on the comment section.


5. The nostalgic person

Comment: I miss the old Diamond, Beyonce, Wizkid………. Bla, bla bla (insert whatever musician you know whose style has changed)

These ones just keep living in the past forgetting people change smh! People grow older and evolve. Diamond can‘t sing the way he used to in 2012.

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Which one have you come across the most?

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