Save yourself some Coins with these Home-Cooked meals that cost less than 500 Bob

food under 1k

In this digital generation, we get duped so many times by the lifestyle we see on social media being posted by “bigwigs”. So much is faked on these sites that it’s easy to lose sight of who we are as people and what’s important to us.

For instance, nowadays people don’t go to restaurants to eat, they’d rather take pictures that they will then post for the next 10 weeks in order of making people believe they can afford that all that time. Some could be genuine, but these behaviors puts pressure on the rest of the netizens on social media.

If we are being honest, we only go out to eat because of socialism and peer-pressure and often end up hurting our pockets.If we took time to make our own home-cooked meals, we would find that our food budget would be ridiculously cheap. Check out some on this menu.

1. Classic RnB aka Rice and beans 

Depending on where you live a cup of beans should not expensive. This meal should be 75 shillings to make.

foods under 1k Kenya
2. Ugali, sukuma and eggs 

Assuming you already have the ugali flour all you have to do is buy sukuma for 15 bob together with spinach. The highest amount should be 105 shillings because of the eggs.

foods under 1k Kenya
3. Rice with vegetable curry 

A vegetable curry usually has all the veggies you like, onions,tomatoes, peas, carrots and potatoes. To make it easier, you can do onions, tomatoes, peas, carrots, green pepper and like three potatoes.

foods under 1k Kenya

4. Pasta with a thick tomato stew 

All you need is a lot of tomatoes and good spices like black pepper, rosemary etc. Use onions and a lot of tomatoes to have a tomato puree which you can use with pasta or spaghetti.

foods under 1k Kenya
5. Cook fries and eggs 

All you need is potatoes and eggs. On a nice Friday night you can fry potatoes, eggs and kachumbari as an addition.

foods under 1k budget

6. Goat meat and rice 

Meat is usually expensive but you can always buy meat from a butchery where you can get a quarter for KSh 150 again depending on where you live and mix with veggies such as onions, tomatoes, garlic, green pepper and coriander.

food under 1k
7.Pilau ‘Njeri’ aka Vegetable fried rice

Known as pilau njeri but I would like to believe that you will try harder to make it interesting. Look for an online recipe for vegetable fried rice.

foods under 1k

Keep in mind that you should put in the costs that make sense to you. This is a rough estimate to what a weekly food planner would look like, it is also a reminder that you can eat sumptuous food on a budget. Add flavour  and other things you like to make it eventful.

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