Doing your monthly food shopping for less than 1000 bob

With these tough economic times in Kenya, it’s only understandable why we would want to budget everything.

From rent to bills to foodstuff, the prices keep going up with every coming day and this puts pressure on all of us, even on the basic necessities. We barely have any money left to spare even for our own leisure. The worst thing is that we could easily get over the set budget when shopping in a supermarket.

The reason why this happens is that the isles are designed to inspire you to shop more than you intended. The more you go round and round looking for items the more you see. This shopping psychology has been used for years to increase the basket size due to impulse buying.

Fortunately for all of us, online shopping like in the case Jumia Online Shopping site came to our rescue. The items you put in the cart can be edited based on your budget. And you do not need to buy a new shopping bag every time you buy items.

Here are some of the foodstuff in our shopping cart you can find on Jumia.

Exe Self Rising Flour – 2KG

Price: Ksh 129

Exe Self Raising Floor Price Jumia Kenya


Brookside UHT Whole Milk – 1Litre

Price: Ksh 120

Image result for brookside milk


Kaysalt Premium Salt – 1kg

Price: KSh 26

Image result for kaysalt 1kg


Ketepa Masala Flavored 25 Tea Bags

Price: Ksh 90

Image result for Ketepa Masala Flavored 25 Tea Bags


Santa Lucia Spaghetti – 700g

Price: KSh 170

Image result for Santa Lucia Spaghetti - 700g


Kenylon Beans In Tomato Sauce – 300g

Price: Ksh 99

Image result for baked beans in tomato sauce bread


Manji Digestive – 100g

Price: Ksh 49

Image result for house of manji digestive biscuits


Daawat Long Grain Rice – 1kg

Ksh: 162

Image result for dawaat long grain rice


Daawat Green Grams – 1kg.

Price: Ksh 162

Image result for dawaat green grams


The total for all the foodstuff in the Jumia cart totalled to KSh 967! How awesome is that? The beauty about grocery shopping with Jumia is that Nairobi deliveries are same day deliveries!

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