You can tell a lot about a person just by their choice of Pizza Toppings

I bet you, you didn’t know that at all. But yes, it’s absolutely true. And I’m here to give you all the 411 on what some of the pizza toppings you will likely choose say about you.

1. Hawaiian Pizza

You are a outlier  and you have psychopath tendencies. Only a psychopath would eat hot cheese and hot pineapples together. We all know pineapples are trash and have no place on a pizza. Not you however. You will eat this pizza in public. While looking people in the eye. With no shame.

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2. Mushroom Pizza

You are indecisive .You’re trying to be vegeterian but you are not sure. Can anyone else smell pepperoni is it just you? You use to inhale meat pizzas but now you have to be woke for some reason. Also mushrooms taste a little bit like meat so we get it.

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3. Extra Cheese Pizza

You are a bad ass. You are not afraid of consuming your weight in cheese. Your stomach must be made of cast iron because nothing will come between you and your extra cheese. While other people shrink away in fear, you eat up all the pizza.

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4. Meat Lovers Pizza

You’re a little judgmental. You don’t know why anyone would put pineapples on a pizza or even vegetables. What is a vegetable? Is it some sort of furry animal. You believe everyone should eat their meat with their pizza like God intended.

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There you have it. Whatever pizza you choose to eat at Nairobi Pizza Week , be sure there will one that suits your taste. Thin crust or thick crust it will all be delicious.

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