Atwoli Severely Attacked for Taking Advantage of Minor’s Death

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COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli arriving to condole with baby Sydney’s parents in Budalangi. Photo/ Courtesy Facebook.

Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli was on Saturday roasted badly by a section of online Facebook users after taking to the social media to announce his arrival at baby Sydney’s home in Busia to condole with the family over the loss of their boy.

His post, however, flopped badly after social media users read malice in the secretary’s visit with others telling him off for taking advantage of the situation to settle personal soars with his political enemies, in particular, the Deputy President William Ruto whose motorcade was involved in the unfortunate loss.

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Parents to the late baby Sydney reacting to the unfortunate accident in Busia

The accident which led to the tragic loss of baby Sydney Mambala occurred during the Deputy President William Ruto’s tour of Western Kenya on Friday. Mambala was part of the crowd that had turned up at St Benedict Budalang’i High School to receive Ruto when he attended the school’s annual general meeting.

As Ruto boarded his chopper in the evening after the function, the little boy had positioned himself some few meters away from the chopper in order to bid ‘their’ guest bye. With the sound of the engine and propellers getting intense, Mambala was a bit scared and decided to run across the road oblivious of a fleet of vehicles that were leaving, heading for Butula.

He was unfortunately knocked down by one of the vehicles and passed away some hours later in Busia Hospital.


Kenyans, however, became infuriated when Atwoli who according to them had never visited the place or the bereaved family was so fast in landing at their home

Many Kenyans who commended on Atwoli’s post, rebuked him of trying to take credit of the accident to politically accuse Dp William Ruto as the main cause of the unfortunate event.

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Here are some of the reactions from the Facebook users as quoted by the Daily Active;

Arap Sigei EK If you meant good for that family you could have visited them during happy moments why wait for the deaths.hypocrisy.if that child had died of disease or on any other circumstances am sure you could not land there

Rotich Kibii The car belongs to a politician but the Driver was not a politician accident is an accident

Kokonya Wanyonyi Its a very unfortunate to see workers leader politicizing such painful family situation. How many visits has he made to many workers who contribute monthly to his lifestyle?????

Baba Ian Kerebei So until someone lose life for you to visit your home, very unfortunate to celebrate the misfortune of someone, poleni familia

Alan Langat Hapa hapana. Let the family mourn their child in peace. Hio politics wachana nayo on this particular case. It’s like you are celebrating that a vehicle in the dps convoy had an accident. No one leaves their house in the morning with an intention to have an accident.

Sammy Wafula So you were waiting for that opportunity to arise….atwoli you are ageing badly…

Jackson Kamonjo You’re joking with God you have seen an opportunity to do business
Wafula Wanjala Some people are stunning us for nothing. Will you make him alive?
Atwoli had earlier on through his Facebook account sarcastically attacked William Ruto who was in Budalangi launching the irrigation scheme by alleging that the Dp was surveying the land before coming back to acquire it as a private developer.

His allegations were also met with stern reactions from the online community who observed Atwoli as a crooked old politician running out of tactics and politicizing every project being unveiled by Ruto in Western Kenya.

William Ruto has so far promised to gather for all the burial arrangements for baby Sydney’s funeral and also helping his parents with all the support possible.





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