‘Shughulikia hio potty!’ Socialite Amber Ray claps back at body shamers.

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Controversial socialite cum entrepreneur Amber Ray has strongly come out to rebuke those that think her beauty is only due to use of filters provided on apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

She has come out to put said individuals in their rightful place.

I’m sick and tired of bumping into people who say oh you’re actually this beautiful. There’s a crowd of people who try to portray a picture of me being the way I am because I use filters.’

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She confirmed that her use of filters is not a need for her but merely a want, a luxury of sorts because she knows she’s beautiful.

I use filters because they’re there to be used, not because I need to use them. Stop hating on me guys, it’s not working! If you feel like using filters will make you look like Amber then go for it girl.

Check out the video below;


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This comes just days after she posted a dancing video (which she is known for) in a figure-hugging outfit that showed off her bulging belly, something she strives to hide.

Amber Ray’s body is hour-glass in shape which in modern-day talk translates to a small waist and big bottom. It has been praised all over so for this to meet hawk-eyed netizens meant a feast was to be had by body shamers and haters alike.

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As much as the new IGTV video addresses her video, it is believed she used it as a clap back to all these haters in general. Check out the dancing video below, as well as netizens reactions to it.

the_dboytz Tatizo una tumbo la kuzaa na bia punguza mamaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

carol_ma_victor Shughulikia hio poti pls au ni kushimba😁😁😁ama iko ndane😁😁😁

samu_valentine Hiyo kitambi inacome. Watch out dear

renegade4511 Is it just me ama video most za Amber these days ziko kwa Hao yake… Hana doh ya kuenda places. Rudia tu Zaheer 🤔

_muhidin__ The belly fat though, you need to work on it

finegel_ Mbona kwa pics za phoina kitambi inaoverflow😂

mugi_mwangi Ukishakua mama ya kijana anaelewa maneno tabia unachange…this is mockery to your the young man you’re raising. Imagine what he’ll endure in his teens when he understands the power of booty!

iam_cindybetty Weight my gal weight has checked in

dero_de_gwan Kumbe uko na kitambi ndogo

moreentsav Kwani umevaa mother’s union?🙄

sammy_latimore Kitambi inakam sasa🤗,try some work outs for potty ama iendelee kukamu🤗@iam_amberay

iam.tats  @queenveebosset is selling veetox na Kuna offer bdw🤣

manuosore Gym that potty..mmm

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