Kikuyu Council of elders:”The Kikuyu vote will not be brokered for money”


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Photo; Kikuyu Council Of Elders at a past meeting in Nyeri

The Kikuyu Council of Elders have embarked on early 2022 politics with list of demands that will make it hard of any Presidential candidate to win the votes from the region.

The Elders passed on a  straight message,

“The Kikuyu vote will not be brokered for money by ‘tukunias’” 

“No one carries a vote for another so those ‘promising’ others the votes of the region, we know you; and you aren’t the first ‘tukunias’ in the history of the Kikuyu people,” The Council of Elders stated.

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Photo: Kikuyu Council of Elders

The region has been grappling to find a perfect fit to replace President Uhuru Kenyatta whose term is coming to an end. The region still wish to enjoy that representation and have since been making consultations to groom a next heir.

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Photo: Kikuyu Council of Elders

Several political leaders have been mentioned as possible fits. National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has been mentioned as the next Kingpin of the region. However he has not receive endorsement.

Kirinyaga Governor Ms Anne Waiguru has also been on the forefront with Several 2022 Presidential candidate approaching her.

Photo: Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria endorsed himself long time ago and he is building his image to succeed in winning the hearts of his people.

However Team Kieleweke has also capitalized on the Kikuyu Council of Elders message to advance their interests.

Photo; MP Wambugu Ngunjiri

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu who also attended the Council of Elder has penned down the 6 points that any Presidential candidate must strictly abide by to win votes from the region.

The Kieleweke Team is opposed to the Deputy President William Ruto Presidential bid. The 6 points are directly directed to DP Ruto who is struggling to win votes from the region.

Here are the Demands

1. Respect President Uhuru Kenyatta. He is the President now. If you can’t respect him or follow his instructions when he’s still President, we can’t trust you to respect him (and us) once he’s left office. And please; don’t be a smart-mouth! We can read between the lines better than most.

2. Wait for President Kenyatta to finish his term. Do so quietly and with great humility. Do not have a sense of entitlement on anything. Especially, usikue na maringo. He’s the President and his system is in charge. Things will stay that way until after the next general elections. God willing.

3. Ask Uhuru – with humility – what you need to do to win the hearts and minds of Mt Kenya people. He will tell you the commitments you need to make to them, etc. He will also tell you that they don’t get brokered. By anyone. Even he had to go directly to Mt Kenyans; he was not ‘brokered’. He will also tell you that close to 80% of current elected leaders will not make it back to Bunge next term; so do not rely on them.

4. Do not imagine you can buy Mt Kenya votes. On issues money you will certainly be betrayed. Do not also try to ‘choose’ leaders for the region. We don’t like it. Even Uhuru has never tried to do it. We therefore do not want presidential aspirants to chose for us ‘leaders’ who they then send to us with messages & deals. That’s how Moi did it & we still flinch when we remember it. We will chose our own leaders and then send them to respective presidential aspirants, with our expectations and conditions if they want our support. (It’s not the other way round).

5. WAIT FOR THE RIGHT TIME … to start campaigning. The right time is after Uhuru is done with his legacy projects; and this wldnt be until some time in late 2021. If you campaign for presidency before then you are disrespecting Uhuru, & us. And we will use it against you. Please also note that in this race it doesn’t mean that because you started first, you will finish first. As a matter of fact history teaches us that those who start first usually don’t even finish.

6. When you finally get to the point where it’s okay to campaign DO NOT use threats, intimidation or lies. We have not forgotten 2007. We learnt many lessons from that election. A key one is that we will never vote out of fear. So speak softly and with respect. You are asking for a job. We are the ones to determine whether you will get it or it will go to someone else. So come slowly.

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