Kenyans From All Walks of Life Send Their Heartfelt Condolence to Late Juma Njuguna

“Reliable, dedicated and original broadcaster” These are the very words of Kenyans who used to enjoy the broadcasts of the late Mohammed Juma Njuguna.

Njuguna was a polished football commentator who many football fans are going to miss and could likely not get one to replace him with.

He was one unique commentator who could at the same time entertain his listeners, provide a well-researched content and was actually engaging, a thing that saw many listeners fall in love with him for his great work.

His death frankly came as surprise to many as in the wake of Saturday morning, his daughter Haluwa Mohammed posted in her Facebook page; “Inalillahi wainailahi rajiuun. Just lost my dad Mohammed Juma Njuguna.”

And upon receiving the sad news, Kenyans did not hesitate to storm Twitter in a bid to pour their condolences. Right from the leaders to the public, everyone was apparently shocked by the sad news.

Mohammed Juma Njuguna has died while working as a content creator at Radio Citizen, a role that he assumed in 2016. Mohammed Juma Njuguna will be remembered for amassing huge audience due to his interesting and engaging football commentation.

Rest in peace Mohammed Juma Njuguna, you will remain a real hero in Kenya.




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