Everyday Habits You Must Break to Sustain A Healthy Relationship

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It is a fact that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Couples struggle each day trying to know each other better and create room for understanding. Some people nowadays are afraid of being committed to someone, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It simply means that they have either witnessed or have experienced tragic moments in their life where they got hurt. If a relationship is said to be perfect, then it lacks any room for improvement. Romantic bonds may be strong but no bond can last forever without any knots. Those knots are necessary because that’s where a couple must work together in order for them to make the bond stronger than ever.

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Getting hurt has always been a part of any relationship, there will always be misunderstandings and mistakes will be made, but it is how the couple handles these obstacles that will define how strong their relationship is.

Manage Technology Use

It is a fact that technology could connect people anywhere, but it could also drive people apart. If you value your relationship then it’s best to break this habit. You don’t need to completely get rid of it, you just need to learn how to manage your time and attention when it comes to the things that truly matter.

In the past years, this was something people were not worried about since technology hadn’t taken over the world at the time. However, nowadays, it is impossible not to spend your day without using a digital gadget at least once or twice.

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There are people who would spend hours playing video games if they are not doing homework or any work-related projects. For them it is a form of relaxation and it is perfectly understandable, until it becomes too much. Couples usually argue about this when the other half spends way too much time playing video games instead of spending time with one another.

There are also people who can’t get enough of social media. They feel the need to take pictures of everything and broadcast their lives on the internet to seek validation from others. This attitude can often get in the way of building a healthy relationship, especially if your partner prefers living in a screen instead of in the moment.

This creates a communication gap between couples who find it difficult to understand one another if the other person only worries about how many views or likes are they getting

Learning the Art of Compromise and Sacrifice

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There’s no secret  to having a healthy and long-lasting relationship. What couples don’t realize is that every journey is different no matter how similar the roads may seem from the outside. However, there is a such thing as comprise and sacrifice when it comes to relationships. There are things that you have to give up in order to make the relationship work, since no matter how similar you are to your significant other, there will always be differences.

Sacrifices are optional, and it can become a compromise once both you and your partner are willing to give up some things in order to achieve optimum happiness and satisfaction. For a relationship to work, you and your partner must understand what things would make each other happy and fulfilled. There will be aspects that you two will not agree on, but compromising usually becomes the key to making things work. Here are some of the most common things people give up on just to have that healthy relationship everyone wants to have.


Being Selfless

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How do you feel when your partner always wants things going his/her way?  Annoying right? A relationship will never work if you always want things to go your way. Being a control freak is something that you have to let go if you wish to have a healthy relationship. It is just not fair for your partner to be controlled, and in under no circumstances should they be pressured into doing something against their will, even if it is for your happiness.

Healthy couples learn to love each other the way they are and support each other in every life decision. If you feel that you’re being treated unfairly by your partner or control is an issue in your relationship, it is time to have an open discussion about it. A relationship will never work if you always want things to go your way.

Don’t Engage in Unnecessary Comparisons

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Every partner must give up on unrealistic expectations that you have from your partner as well as non-stop comparisons with other couples you see on social media. It is not wrong for you to wish for certain this to happen and expectations are not bad as long as you don’t make your partner feel self-conscious most of the time. Some women tend to have unrealistic expectations from their relationships based on what they see in romantic movie, but most of the time their partners are just clueless about their secret desires.

You have to let go of the habit where you compare your partner to someone else, because that will just make them feel bad about themselves. In order for your relationship to be healthy, learn to accept one another including their flaws, because comparing them to other people will not make them better, they will just feel as if they are not good enough for you. The goal is to be happy and make one another happy, so unnecessary comparisons must be out of the picture.

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